Doran Planetarium

Science II, 935 Ramsey Lake Road Sudbury, Ontario P3E2C6

(705) 675-1151 Ext 2227

Science II, 935 Ramsey Lake Road Sudbury, Ontario P3E2C6

The Doran Planetarium is the largest planetarium in Northern Ontario. Our various astronomy presentations are designed to educate and entertain groups of all ages. We are proud members of the International Planetarium Society and the Canadian Council of Science Centres.

Let us recreate the night sky for you. As you sit under our 10-metre wide dome, the sky comes ablaze with the twinkling of hundreds of bright stars. Our bank of auxiliary projectors helps you visualize the constellations as our narrator explains when and where to look for the inhabitants of the night sky.

After many millenniums of observing the night sky, humans still looks to the heavens in awe. We still have this ardent desire to find out what is out there in the far depth of space. Today, young minds turn to the sky and realize that they now have a chance to go where we have only dreamed about. A visit to the planetarium will allow them to see what awaits them if they take up the challenge and pursue a career in science. Do not let their fear of sciences and mathematic spoil their dream.

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