SAVE THE DATE! On February 21st, 2015, Stack Brewing is excited to present the Sudbury Winter Brew Competition.

This competition is open to any home brewer in the Sudbury area and Northern Ontario. The winner of the competition will have the opportunity to brew a large scale batch of the winning beer at Stack. Also in attendance will be several Northern Ontario craft breweries providing samples of their product, great food, and live entertainment.

If you are an all grain home brewer, get brewing and enter the competition, Deadline for entry is January 3rd, 2015.

All beers will be judge according to BJCP guidelines and the highest scoring beer overall will be deemed the First Place winner. All winners will be announced at the Winter Beer Fest (Feb. 21, 2015)

• First Prize winner wins the opportunity to come brew a large scale batch of the winning beer with Michael Guillemette, Brewmaster at Stack Brewing. This beer will be poured at the Winter Beer Fest.
• Second Place Winner will win a 25kg bag of 2-row Pilsner Malt
• Third Place wins a gift basket of beer related prizes

Who’s eligible to enter and what are the rules?:

The competition is open to any homebrewer from within the Greater Sudbury area. Contestants will be considered as an individual entrant on the basis of person’s name appearing on the registration form. If more than one person helped brew the beer, everyone who assisted must be listed on your entry form. Team beers are acceptable, but the entrant must have been an active participant in the brewing process. Beers brewed in commercially licensed facilities are ineligible.

Entry Drop Off
You MUST drop off the beers at Stack Brewing (1350 Kelly Lake Rd., Sudbury, ON) on January 3rd, 2015 during regular brewery hours.

Entry Requirements
Two bottles (if over 473mL) or three bottles (if between 300mL and 473mL) of the same beer must be entered minimum.
• Maximum 5 entries per homebrewer or homebrew team
• Only beer may be entered. No mead, cider, or wine entries will be accepted.
• The beer must be homebrewed to entry. No entries brewed at commercial facilities will be accepted.
• Beer must be an original all-grain recipe and not made using a kit. Extracts or sugar adjuncts cannot make up more than 10% of the ingredients
• You MUST be 19 to enter.

Bottle Restrictions
Entries must be in glass or plastic bottles of ANY style, and clean of any labels (inked, paper, or otherwise). Entrants are encouraged to use brown, long-neck bottles for maximum protection from light and breakage.
Soft drink or other printed crowned caps are acceptable; however, they need to be blacked-out with a black marking pen to assure anonymity in all judging situations.

Late Entries and Disqualifications
• No entries will be returned whether received late or otherwise. All entries become property of the Stack Brewing.
• No late entries will be accepted. Entries will only be accepted Stack Brewing (1350 Kelly Lake Rd., Sudbury, ON) on January 3rd, 2015 during regular brewery hours. No late (or early) entries will be accepted.
• Beers can be disqualified for bottle requirements infractions. These entries will still be judged, but may be ineligible for awards or prizes. You will be notified if your entry has been disqualified.

Entry Forms and Labels
Each entry must be submitted with a Bottle Label. Use a rubber band to attach the labels with the entrant name/contact information/style to the bottles. The use of tape or glue to attach forms is NOT acceptable. This is done to ensure anonymity of samples.
Judging Information and Sessions
• Blind tasting will be used. Judges will not be given the identity of the brewer or entrant.
• Entries will be judged according to published styles. The BJCP Style Guidelines are the guidelines that will be used for this competition.
• Feedback will be given to the brewer or entrant. The BJCP judging forms will be used for this competition.

66 Brady St, Sudbury, ON P3E 1C8
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