Are you an actor? Singer? Both? Can you dance a little too…
If you can do some of this we want to hear from you! Awkward Owl Productions is excited to present an originally remastered version of Gilbert & Sullivan’s classic, Pirates of Penzance! And we need us some pirates…
So join us on Tuesday, November 25th, from 5pm -10pm at Verve, 178 Elm St.
Character List
The Pirates
– The Pirate King (male; Supporting Lead)
– Samuel (male; Supporting)
– Frederic (male; Lead)
– Ruth (female; Supporting Lead)
– Chorus of Pirates (minor/chorus)
The Major-General and his Daughters
– Major-General Stanley
– Mabel (female; Lead)
– Edith (Supporting)
– Kate (Supporting)
– Isabel (Supporting)
The Police
– The Sergeant of Police (Supporting)
– Police Chorus (minor/chorus)
What we need from you…
Prepare to sing 2 contrasting songs; either A Capella or with accompaniment music (which you must provide).
You will also be asked to perform a directed cold read of a scene during your audition.
Please contact us to book a time for your audition at [email protected] or message us on Facebook.
Walk-ins are welcomed but will be asked to wait until the next available slot.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Thanks and looking forward to seeing you all!

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