Wednesday, February 4th  |  7:30pm  |  Little Montreal  |  $15.00

Be proud Canada… we’ve produced some of the world’s funniest of funny— and there’s no sign of stopping!!! Presenting the finalists for the inaugural LOL Sudbury Comedy Festival CROWN OF COMEDY, we’re asking you, the LOL audience to laugh with some of our nation’s up-and-coming funny, and crown Canada’s next generation of comedy royalty. The Crown of Comedy will feature rising comedic talent from Western, Eastern and Central Canada, as well as some greats from Northern Ontario!

le jeudi 5 février

LOL Sudbury, qui en est cette année à sa huitième édition, est fier d’annoncer qu’une soirée francophone, Mourir de rire, fera son retour pour sa programmation cette année. Ce spectacle, qui aura lieu le jeudi 5 février à 19 h à Collège Boréal, mettra en vedette un groupe de talentueux humoristes qui vous fera Rire de Mourir.

Thursday, February 5th  |   9:00pm  |   Little Montreal  |  $25.00

Rock Solid Comedy features comics who are guaranteed to fill the house with a landslide of laughter. Tonight’s talents are some of the funniest we’ve had the privilege of hosting and we’re sure you’ll agree. Be prepared for these energetic, off-the-wall comics to get you hitting the floor and have your abs ground to pebble by the end of the night. Not to worry though, we’ll give you a year to recover before we come back and hit you even harder.

Friday, February 6th  |  9:30pm  |  Little Montreal  |  $25.00

Thank God it’s Friday! Get out your Urban Dictionary folks, as these Cunning Linguists of the High Seas are asphyxiating their rubber chickens and you better believe that with this impressive lineup, you’ll barely be able to breathe from laughing so much! De-stress after a long week of work and come out for some unbridled fun, where you can forget about everything for one passionate and care-free night of hilarious jokes!

Saturday, February 7th  |  9:30pm   |  Little Montreal  |  $25.00

Are you ready?! This show features comics guaranteed to cram the place with laughter. No kidding. These are some of the most off-the-wall-hilarious talents gracing comedy stages today! LOL LATE NIGHT is also your last chance to LOL, so you’d best get your fix in now because after tonight, the laughs stop until next year!!!

You can purchase tickets online by clicking here.

little montreal
182 Elgin St, Sudbury, ON P3E 3N5
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