Everyone can be an art collector at the Nouveau Louvre! For the occasion, the Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario is filled to the brim with hundreds of pieces of original artwork from local artists. With such a wide selection you’re sure to find masterpiece to suit your personal taste! There’s something for everyone! Every medium and every genre is represented: sculpture, painting, stained glass, and more!

Every piece of artwork is sold for the flat rate of 150$, of which 100$ is paid to the artist and 50$ to the GNO. The gallery’s walls will be completely covered, from floor to ceiling! What’s more, the exhibition keeps changing: every time a piece of artwork is sold, a new one is hung in its place!

The Nouveau Louvre is expanding again this year with a second showroom at Fromagerie Elgin. Of course, for the full experience you’ll have to visit both the GNO and the Fromagerie!

As per usual, every piece of artwork at the Nouveau Louvre is also for sale on our website at The online gallery goes live at the exact moment we open the doors to the public at our Elgin street location: Saturday November 23rd at 2 pm!

Come explore the exhibition, you’re sure to find some unburied treasure![/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″]