‘Carnival Diablo’ is an outrageous sideshow extravaganza steeped in the

Victorian mysticism of the 19th century. It features amazing human marvels that defy the laws of science, serving up a world of adrenaline driven excitement!

 Carnival Diablo is a theatrical achievement that relives the great carnival and circus sideshows of times past. The Legendary Nicholas Paul Lewchuk had ran and operated Canada’s largest traveling sideshow from 1920 through 1968, and his grandson Scott McClelland follows in the grand tradition of the creative magic. As Nikolai Diablo he brings with him a burning hunger for the freakish and the uncanny. He delights in bringing to the stage the most unusual human marvels on the planet.

Carnival Diablo: The Ultimate Sideshow includes dangerous and extreme stunts like glass walking, razor blade swallowing, the human dartboard, impaling, the bed of nails, the electric chair, and much more. Infused with a diabolical humour the show greatly entertains.

Carnival Diablo is so unique to the entertainment industry, which has led to TV specials and appearances on The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, National Geographic, A&E, CTV and CBC.


Tickets are $37.50 for General Admission and $30 for Students and Seniors.

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21 Lasalle Blvd, Sudbury, ON P3A 6B1
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