Cruising for Organ Donors & “Rich”

Cruising for Organ Donors & “Rich”

Hello I’m Bob Johnston an organ recipient. Gerry Montpellier and I have started “Cruising for Organ Donors & Rich” for many reasons. The main reason is to show people we need organ donors and to raise money to help people who are waiting for a transplant. The money raised will be going to transplant recipients who have to leave their homes in order to receive a transplant. When you finally get the call it is very costly. In fact last year two people from Sudbury area turned down transplants due to financial reasons. The price of accommodations, transportation, food and medication is overwhelming. I’ll share a little history about us. Gerry Montpellier has had his share of health problems. He came very close to having a heart transplant. Gerry also has diabetes. One of Gerry’s passions is antique cars and motorcycles. Gerry has always tried to help people whenever he can. Our families have been friends for years. I’ve been a diabetic for 35 years and I’ve had a leg amputated and many eye surgeries. Then the kidneys started to go bad a few years ago. I needed a kidney transplant. I’ve always stayed positive. Then last May I found out that Sudbury lost a DJ from 105.3, Rich Griffin, he donated his organs and his wife Nancy launched in his memory. I only met Rich a few times and always felt he was a  kind and friendly man. Five months after Rich’s death i got the call I had been waiting for. I got my kidney Oct 24, 2015, and it will always be the day I got a second chance at life. I could now watch my son grow, get married and have a family of his own. When I was in the hospital I made a promise to myself that I would take this gift and make it count. That’s when we decided to start Cruising for Organ Donors & Rich, a yearly event that hopefully will bring awareness to organ donations and the cost related to the person in our community that receives the transplant.

Our message is to sign up today to be an organ donor, or if possible, make a small donation to help make a transplant patient’s financial burden a little less painful.

Thank you

Robert Johnston

Gerry Montpellier