City of Greater Sudbury’s Multi-million dollar senior’s development at risk.

Multi-million dollar senior’s development by Interpaving Limited rumored to now be at risk.
Plans to build a three-storey, 275-bed long-term care facility and a five-story retirement home with 160 rooms on Silver Hills Drive in New Sudbury may now be in jeopardy. Interpaving, a prominent contractor in the City of Greater Sudbury since 1972, may be having second thoughts about the development in lieu of a recent controversy with the city of greater Sudbury. Given the immediate economic impact from a development of this scale, as well as the new taxes to be generated, this may not be a good trade off for the city of Greater Sudbury.

Interpaving is one of City of Greater Sudbury’s largest contractors and have been operating here for about 45 years. They have an asphalt plant, their own quarry, and a concrete plant all located in the City of Greater Sudbury. This allows them to be the most competitive bidder, thus setting the standard for low tenders when it comes to city of Greater Sudbury contracts. Without Interpaving, the cost of road work will surely rise, in turn costing the taxpayer more money.

Interpaving owns several properties in the City of Greater Sudbury and were planning many more developments in the future. They built 25% of The Millennium Center, which brings in a lot of new business, further contributing to our tax base. A company that is devoted to investing in the growth of the City of Greater  Sudbury should be encouraged, not banned from doing business here.

Do you think our elected city council should get involved and review the city staff’s recent decision to ban Interpaving?

Feel free contact our city counselors.