City of Greater Sudbury Council asleep at the wheel

Where are our elected Sudbury council in this whole situation? Oh like usual they are clueless and appear absent.
City bans one of Sudbury’s biggest contractor Interpaving Ltd and i don’t remember reading a resolution from our councilors!!
Here we go again!!! City Staff running our city into the ground once again!!

City of Sudbury staff take aim at Interpaving Ltd, one of Sudbury’s biggest supporter and investor (with their proposed plan to build a three-storey, 275-bed long-term care facility on Silver Hills Drive in New Sudbury, they got the greenlight from the city’s planning committee Monday. Also approved was a five-story retirement home with 160 rooms for residents. Valued in the millions.Both projects are part of a long-term plan by developer ARG DEVCO, a division of Interpaving Ltd., a company best known locally for its work repaving and rebuilding local roadways.  Senior development)

I’m sure things have happened on both side to cause this situation. Many companies have difficulty making all people happy but that is the process and no excuse to be heavy handed and cost we the taxpayers a pack of money without going to our elected officials!! This is not a janitor cleaning parking lots, that staff is banning! This is a million dollar contractor that keeps things competitive, a contractor that has been a part of Sudbury’s landscape for 5 decades!! For every job they have done and people complained about I can find ten more roads done by other contractors that fail to meet the public standard.
This is another example of over paid sunshine club(over 400 city employees are paid over $100,000.00 a year) city staff doing what they want once again!!!!!! Sudbury’ s biggest problem for growth is our old boys club thinking!!! When will council smarten up and get rid of our old backward thinking dinosaur and hire some new modern thinkers!!!
Why is it everybody that tries to get things done with the city hits a brick wall and get bullied!!!
We here at want to here your comments as well as any stories you may have with dealing with our city good or bad!! Its time our councilors found out staff’s true colors..

Interpaving Baned from Bidding