Beware of Falling Pixels

As you may have noticed, our site has been going through some changes over the past week. The general look and feel remains the same, however we are in the process of implementing the following improvements:

  • Increasing site speed: The new layout takes less than a third of the time to load!
  • Mobile optimization: We still got a little ways to go, but the overall experience should be much smoother on your phone. Would you believe almost 40% of our visitors are coming from a mobile device?
  • Real-time submission: Currently, events are submitted through a web form, and manually ended by our team. In the next little bit, we will be rolling out a new submission system that will not only post your event immediately to the calendar, it will give you the ability to manage (edit, delete) your events too! (This feature will soon be released on and as well).
  • A new, singular brand: We hope to be operating under one, coherent brand for all four sites in the near future. We’re keeping our lips tight on this one for now, but stay tuned!